The Massage Fix

  • The Odyssey subscription is $109 per month. Your monthly fee includes a 75 minute bodywork  experience, sample sized take home products, and a surprise gift each month.  

  • Membership Subscription Lengths:  Three months is the minimum membership.  3 month members receive a 15% discount on non-subscription goods and services.  Also available are 6 month memberships, which come with a 20% discount on non-subscription goods and services, and 1 year memberships.  One year members receive, in addition to the 20% discount described above, a second special birthday experience in their birth month.  This is in addition to the Odyssey Experience that is regularly planned in their birth month.

  • Enrollment is completed by submitting a credit card for secure monthly billing, and by completing The Odyssey intake questionnaire and billing consent.  You may request written or electronic copy of these forms.

  • Your monthly fee is billed on the first or fifteenth of each month.  You may request a different date.

  • Each Odyssey Experience is available only in its given month.

  • I cannot accommodate rollover appointments.  It is your responsibility to ensure you book your session before the month's end.

  • If you find that you will not be able to schedule your Odyssey Experience in a particular month, you have options:

  1. ​​ Gift your session to a friend or loved one.  (Or sell it.  Have them take you to lunch, or shopping.  Whatever happens between friends is fine with me!)  Please do let me know in advance that you are authorizing the switch.

  2. Donate your session to one of the US Military Veterans I see on a pro bono basis.  You give me the word, and I will pass on your generosity.  Due to HIPAA laws this must be anonymous both ways.

  3. You may pause your membership once in any 6 month period.  The pause cannot be for longer than 3 months.

  • ​The monthly Subscription Fee is non refundable.  If you completely miss the boat in a given month (i.e. you didn't come in for your Odyssey Experience, or choose any of the 3 options above) the subscription fee paid will become a credit in your account usable toward non-subscription goods and services.

  • If you miss two consecutive months, and have made no prior arrangement with me, your membership will be cancelled.  You will retain the credit for the two monthly Subscription Fees, which may be applied to regularly priced products and services.

  • You may cancel at any time prior to your billing date

​Odyssey Massage Subscription

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