The Massage Fix

bəˈspōk/  British.  adjective: bespoke

1.(of goods or services, especially clothing) made to order.
"a bespoke suit"

2.(of a trader) creating made-to-order goods or services.
"bespoke tailors"


A Bespoke Healing Session is time and space carved exactly to your needs of the moment.  No cookie cutter routines.  Through a detailed consultation prior to your session we will discuss and prioritize your desired outcomes.  I will give you options of the approaches that could best serve your needs.  We decide together the perfect blend of repair work and tranquil escape.

  Any and all the techniques at my disposal may be used in a Bespoke Healing Session.  Here are some links for you to familiarize yourself with the most profound methods I utilize:

60 minutes: $90
90 minutes: $135
120 minutes: $180

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Your session is always a full 60, 90, or 120 minutes of hands on treatment.  Please remember to allow extra time in your personal schedule for your pre-session consult, and for you to gather yourself after your session.